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AfriCanopy and Zenzele

The Aziza Coin owns up to 20% in AfriCanopy, an exciting new telecoms provider in South Africa.

AfriCanopy (Pty) Ltd is a majority black-owned company incorporated in South Africa in 2017. It uses Television White Space (TVWS) devices to provide long-distance connectivity, together with Mesh Wi-Fi networks for local connectivity. This is intended to provide low-cost but high-performance broadband and voice access to rural, peri-urban dwelling South Africans that have previously been excluded from the digital age.

AfriCanopy is currently undertaking a 14-month Trial Project. 

  • To provide low-cost high-speed Internet access to as many as 85,000 people living in the rural parts of the King Cetshwayo District Municipality.

  • To provide free Internet access to around 50 schools located in the rural parts of the King Cetshwayo District Municipality.

  • To create income earning opportunities for around 400 community members living within the King Cetshwayo District Municipality; and

  • To test and demonstrate the large-scale technical and commercial viability of TVWS technology in providing broadband connectivity in rural areas.

AfriCanopy’s solution for providing rural connectivity rests on several pillars:

  • Large scale usage of third generation TVWS equipment. This equipment is an order of magnitude more capable than any TVWS equipment previously deployed in Africa. It provides for increased range, higher speeds, and granular controllability of the network. As this equipment has not been used in South Africa before, this will also be a Technical Trial. Provisional Type Approval has been obtained. During the Trial, full Type Approval will be obtained for the equipment, making it easier for others to use this same equipment in RSA.

  • Rapidly deployable masts. These locally designed masts exceed the performance of any equivalent masts currently available. No foundation or footing is required, and the equipment on the masts is self-powered, so no grid connection is required.

  • The innovative marriage of TVWS technology with Wi-Fi Mesh devices increases the flexibility of the network giving low cost coverage of an area such as a group of villages, as well as allowing for coverage in places where the TVWS signal can’t reach, due to the hilly nature of the terrain in the King Cetshwayo District.


Milestones to date:

  1. Class electronic communications network service licenses granted and awarded to Africanopy including:

  • 10 For the provision of network services

  • 10 For the provision of electronic communications services

  • SANRAL approval granted

In addition...

  1. Preliminary testing was undertaken

  2. Research and development services provided to international client across 7 projects

  3. Hardware importation; pre-deployment hardware assembly and testing; Technical Solution integration for payment, billing, monitoring.

  4. Tower sourcing and procurement

  5. Engagement with landowners and municipality for tower locations

  6. Engagement with 3rd party infrastructure providers




The true empowerment value in AfriCanopy’s project lies in AfriCanopy’s commercial solution. AfriCanopy plans to create 100 Primary Entrepreneurs and 300 Secondary Entrepreneurs who will effectively be given their own small enterprise, which they will manage and will allow them to generate ongoing income.


Furthermore, AfriCanopy intends allocating 30% of its shares to those Primary and Secondary Entrepreneurs who continue successfully operating their “Business in a Box” for a duration of longer than 3 years.

For more information visit www.africanopy.co.za and www.zenzele.africa or contact: 010 592 1867