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Aziza featured in the news again

We are very fortunate to have received great press coverage over the past weeks and months. This is in addition to recent articles featuring us in the UK's Financial Times.

Our intention to drill was detailed in a well respected crypto news site and CNBC Africa featured the Aziza Coin as a viable option for funding exciting Southern African young businesses in the oil and gas sector.

Security token investor news platforms covered our journey to become a registered security token and highlighted that we are one of a few registered security tokens that are backed by an asset worth $500 million. First Marketscreener, then Security Token News and Globenewswire picked up our story as well as this on Green Energy Stocks on Twitter.

Other mentions include Associated Press and London's leading crypto friendly investor newspaper City AM.

African Review included our views on the future of of oil and gas and why Southern Africa is a new hotbed in this feature article.

There are many others. Here a few of our favourites:

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Southern Africa Provides Exciting Oil Exploration Opportunities, Aziza CEO Says November 13, 2018

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