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What we learned from our first US blockchain conference.

We were invited to speak at the Blockchain World Conference. It was our first blockchain/crypto event in the US.

Atlantic City, to be more precise. Yup, the Jersey Shore.

We expected a better attendance, but what was lacking in quantity, was somewhat made up for in quality. We made very good connections in the community and in the media.


We listened to some excellent speakers:

Alex Mashinsky was impressive. He cut through a lot of the BS out there and hypothesised that credit extension, at humane rates, using blockchain, is what will take crypto mainstream.

We agree that it is one of the ways and really like his project Celcius. We particularly liked the altruistic intent behind it. Certainly a project to watch.

Interesting too, was Dr. Patrick Byrne from www.overstock.com, who captivated us with a philosophical delineation of the blockchain. It was a fascinating history lesson and crypto crystal ball gazing session in one.

The takeaway from his talk: when viewed in the context of history and human advancement blockchain is way more significant than most people, even blockchain people, realise. Exciting stuff.

Both speakers see blockchain as a social-first opportunity. See why we liked them so much?

John Mcafee was up next. After much hype, and some alleged security concerns, he appeared on the main screen, delivered a somber monologue and answered a few of the usual questions from the crowd. That was pretty much that.

Aziza Project represented at the Blockchain World Conference

Our CEO, Robert Pyke, spoke about the potential of blockchain to transform Africa on day one of the conference.

He walked us through the key systems in Africa desperately needing disintermediation including payments, voting, land rights, electricity and how the blockchain will unlock prosperity through each.

Rob then talked through how the Aziza Project, and its asset backed token, the Aziza Coin, will practically enable change across the continent by proving our asset, the ANE concession in Namibia, and implementing a gas to solar strategy in phase two.

Africa Aziza Coin US population electricity
Rob's presentation showing fundamental differences between Africa and US

Key takeaway:

Africa has MASSIVE potential. But for anything transformative to happen at scale, access to electricity is critical.

aziza coin, ico, asset backed security token, cryptocurrency
Presentation made by Robert Pyke, CEO Aziza Project

Stephen Larkin, Africa New Energies' CEO, also spoke in the last session on the first day. Steve, at his engaging best, outlined - through his personal journey- the history of ANE to the crowd of blockchain enthusiasts.

Both Rob and Steve’s talks were well received.

Here’s a clip of Steve’s from a smartphone, so apologies if the quality is not great. It's really about the message. THIS is why we do what we do!

We are awaiting official footage of Rob’s talk which will be published here as soon as we have it in our possession.

Be in touch if you would like to learn more about our project!

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